Standard Types Models And Applications For Modern Electric Gantry Cranes

If you are wanting to replace the gantry cranes that you currently have, substituting them with more modern versions, you must start to evaluate the different ones that are currently for sale. They come in many different types, models, and they are able to be used for many different applications. Specifically, modern electric Gantry cranes are very popular, and there is one that can help your business become more proficient. Here is a brief overview of the different types of gantry cranes, the different models that they sell, and the many applications for using electric Gantry cranes.

Electric Gantry Cranes
Modern Electric Gantry Cranes

Different Types Of Gantry Cranes

There are several different types of gantry cranes (виды козловых кранов). Each one is designed to perform a certain function at a specific location. Full gantry cranes, the ones that are the most popular, have to lakes on either side, creating a triangular foundation for the single or double girders that are up above. Suspended from the girders will be a hoist, or a combination of a hoist and trolley. These are typically used outside, opposed inside, because of their size and ability to lift hundreds of tons of weight. Semi gantry cranes are the next most popular ones that are purchased today. They will only have one side that will have lakes, and the other side will be connected to the interior structure of a warehouse. In some cases, rollers will be at the base of the legs, and the side attached to the building will actually be part of a runway system. This will allow you to lift and move the different objects and containers that you are responsible for shipping.

Different Models Of Gantry Cranes

If you are going to obtain a larger one, a rubber tired or rail mounted gantry crane will be the most appropriate. These are sometimes designed with a cantilever system to give them extra power. Smaller gantry cranes are divided by the amount of weight they can lift. This can range from a single ton, up to 200 tons, and many of them are mobile for indoor use.

Electric Gantry Cranes in China
Electric Gantry Cranes

Applications For Gantry Cranes

The main applications revolving around the use of gantry cranes will include lifting containers, pallets of merchandise, and objects such as car engines. Their application will depend upon their size, design, and how much weight they are able to lift. If you already have one, you will know what it can do, and you can simply replace it with another that has a similar model type.

Electric Gantry cranes are among the most popular, although there are those that are powered using hydraulics or they could be pneumonic as well. Once you have the different companies pulled up on your web browser, you can begin to compare them to see who is providing you with the best deal. The size of the gantry crane, and whether or not they are currently available, can contribute to how long it will take for you to get one. Once you have a good manufacturer, you can continue to purchase from this individual. This will allow you to replace all of your gantry cranes (краны козловые электрические), or simply get new ones, that will be affordably priced.

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