Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery For Charcoal Production

Charcoal is a black, lightweight residue consisting of carbon and ash, and  it can obtained through the removal of water and other unstable constituents derived from vegetable or animal sources. The process of coconut shell powder making machine involves a slow pyrolysis which is the heating of substances to a very high temperature in the absence of oxygen. Common charcoal is produced from coal, peat, wood, petroleum, or coconut shells

Charcoal can be used for heating or for cooking fuel and has many other uses. Charcoal can be compressed into pencils, gun powder. And powdered charcoal is used for medicinal purposes, for example, charcoal capsules can solve digestive problems. A recent discovery is that charcoal can turn unproductive soil into productive, carbon-rich soil.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Modern methods of charcoal making include the employment of retorting technology, and it is a process of heat recovery solely provided by the combustible gas that is released in the charcoal kiln. The properties of the finished products depend on the type of material charred, as well as on the charring temperature. In order to produce a high purity charcoal product, the source material must be free of non-volatile substances.

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

The raw materials used for coconut shell charcoal making machinery can be anything including straw, bark, twigs, sawdust, corn cob, bamboo sawdust, factory sawdust, wood scraps from furniture, or coconut shells. Producing charcoal from natural raw materials is good for environmental protection and the re-use of agricultural waste products is often supported and advocated by governments.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery to produce charcoal from coconut shells includes:

1. Crusher Machine

2. Drying Machine

3. Briquette Extruder Machine

4. Carbonizing Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machinery Production Line

1. The crushing machine is used to break down material that is larger than 5.5mm. Any pieces that are larger than 200mm need to be broken down into smaller sizes of 5.5mm before processing in the crusher.

2. The drying machine is used to decline the moisture level of the raw material to less than 12%. The moisture level has to be reduced to between 6% and 8% (for example the dryness of sawdust) before it can be processed further in the briquette extruder machine. The production can be designed to meet the requirements of customers, for example, making charcoal from sawdust. The drying machine is equipped with an auto controlling heating system, which can be used for other purposes such as a water boiler or a heater to warm a house.

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale
Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Depending on the size of the machine it can handle from 300 – 500kg, 900 – 1200kg, or 1300 – 2,100kg of raw materials measuring between 3 – 5mm. The temperatures reached vary between 180°C – 250°C. the motor power of the three different sized machines vary from 4Kw to 5.5.Kw, to 7.5Kw. The weights are: 1200kg, 1600kg, and 2100kg. Sizes are: 10m x 1m x 2m; 15m x 1m x 2m; 21m x 1.2m x 2.5m.

3. The briquette extruder machine invented by Bestongroup can be designed to meet the requirements of customers, for example making sawdust into half-charcoal sticks. It is equipped with an auto-controlling heating system and motor power ranges between 11kw, to 15kw, to 18kw for the different sizes of machines and weighs from 800kg, to 1000kg, to 1200kg. The measurements are: 1,630mm x 600mm x 1,260mm; or 1,860mm x 800mm x 1,360mm; or 2,100mm x 1,000mm x 1,560mm.

4. The carbonizing machine is used to turn the half-charcoal sticks into a finished product. The machine is equipped with a hyperploid steam cooling, high-temperature system. The cooling process can be accelerated in order to speed up the rate of production. The machine can handle up to 1500kg at a temperature of 430°C. It has a 1.5kw motor and weighs 2,500kg and can produce finished products in 8 – 24 hours.

These machines undergo a 100% QC inspection before shipment and offer top quality 100% guaranteed after sales service.

Biomass Carbonizer For Sale

You want to look at various solutions on the market as a good biomass carbonizer isn’t going to be easy to locate in this day and age. To ensure you are getting a great fit and one that is going to yield real value, you want to think about this biomass carbonizer.

biomass carbonization plant
biomass carbonizer

It is the real deal and made for those who are serious about their output and want the best option. You are going to adore the advantages of carbonizer machine for sale when it gets to work.


The seamlessness of a machine is the first thing you will want to check.

How easy is it going to settle into the setup? Is it going to take a long time to adjust or will you be able to get it to work right away? This is the question you are going to have in mind, and it won’t be a worry in the long-term. This is a solution that has been tested and can handle the rigors of daily use.

It will be a seamless fit and one that is going to make you proud as an owner.


The output is what you are after at the end of the day with any biomass carbonizer. You want it to run well and remain as consistent as you can let it be. Without this consistency, you are going to feel out of touch with the work being done, and that is not worth it.

Go with a real solution that is going to remain effective at all times.

This is the output you have always wanted, and it is going to put together the results you need. A fantastic output is key and something you will enjoy.

Simple To Use

This is a biomass carbonizer machine that is simple to use and won’t get in the way of your setup. You will be able to put it in and know things are going to work well for you. This is a machine that has been built with attention to detail, and there is a clear understanding of what is required of it.

biomass charcoal machine
biomass charcoal machine

You won’t have to think twice about how simple it is to use.

Just put it together and enjoy the yield it provides. This is empowering for those who are tired of mediocre results and want the finest carbonization machine in the world.


Concerns always surround systems of this nature, and they often include durability. How long will it last once the system is put to use? There is never a good reason to go with a solution that is going to wilt under pressure, and this is not one of them.

This is a solution that is going to yield great results and will be able to withstand whatever is thrown in its direction. This is the power of a durable machine and what it can do for you moving forward.

Go with a great biomass carbonizer for sale and know you are dealing with a resolute machine. This is one that will help improve your output and make sure things are done the right way. Don’t settle for a machine that will work at times and fall apart along the way.

This is a consistent, high-grade machine that has been vetted and can handle the load you are going to put on it. This is important for those who are on edge about what they are going with and want real quality. You will enjoy this affordable system and how well it works. And this link will tell you that how the biomass carbonizer machine works.

Reasons Why Investing in Biomass Carbonization Plant is Beneficial

Most biomass waste are not well recycled, and they are burned by the farmers and cause serious air pollution. Be that as it may, with the advancement of technology, individuals are now acknowledging that it is so critical to reuse biomass and preserve the environment through carbonization. We can get biomass energy from biomass waste, and the biomass energy can be the other energy option for the non-inexhaustible resources.

Nowadays, it is simple to convert biomass waste into biomass carbon thus sawdust, straw, wood chips, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, corn cob, coconut shell, peanut shell branches, rice husk are not a problem anymore. This has been made possible from the carbonization plant to make biomass carbon from biomass waste. And when dealing with the biomass waste, we need use a continuous biomass carbonization plant.

biomass charcoal machine
biomass charcoal machine

What is carbonization?

Carbonization is a chemical process which uses a chemical technology known as pyrolysis to collapse complex substances right into a simpler one through heating them. To apply the carbonization technology, this carbonization plant is utilized.

Why investing in biomass carbonization plant is beneficial

The carbonization plant to make biomass carbon from biomass-waste is so beneficial. Below are some of the advantages:

· Uses direct heat and direct heat; this helps the plant to have a longer service life, generally over 5 years.

· Has a higher heat utilization efficiency.

· The plant is very reasonably priced and cost effective; the amount of money you’ll ought to spend on carbonization plants might not be that high..

· Gives you a great return on investment.

· Has a fully sealed performance.

· It is possible to adjust the furnace temperatures using the air inlet.

· The carbonization process is environment-friendly.

· The plants have a short carbonizing period.

End Product

After the procedure which incorporates high temperature pyrolysis, unstable gas, sulfur discharge, carbon improvement of trash transfer innovation, the finished result we get is simulated carbon which claims settled higher carbon content, Compared with the general coal, it is about twice its carbon content.

In addition, it is another kind of high-review fuel with great combustibility, while some biomass after carbonization has extremely solid initiation. It is a perfect material for assembling actuated carbon.

The final products of the carbonisation furnace to create biomass carbon from biomass waste include:

1. Combustible gas

2. Wood tar

3. Charcoal


Over the years, coal coke has been used in the act for steel and iron making inside the metal industry. In horticulture, biomass carbon possesses attributes of enhancing soil, advancing soil accumulation, controlling the organism in the ground.

However, recently the use of coal coke as fuel has majorly changed due to its negative effects. Most people have arrived at using charcoal briquettes since they will be environmentally clean as opposed to coal.

In the industry, charcoal, coconut shell charcoal and palm shell charcoal are fundamental for making enacted charcoal. Additionally, the biomass carbon is highly combustible, so it can be generally utilized as fuel; also, the biomass carbon is a decent material to make enacted carbon. We as a whole realize that the enacted has a higher market an incentive than the normal carbon, so contributing the plant is productive. Wood coal is customary grill charcoal.

The charcoal from sawdust to coal making machine may be used in various fields:

1. Agriculture- because this is all-natural substance it can be employed as biological carbon fertilizer to enhance the earth fertility.

2. Industry- It might either be harnessed for fuel or perhaps further processed into carbon powder or any other carbon materials.

3. Lifestyle- countless uses for flash to produce barbecue carbon.

biomass carbonization plant
biomass carbonization plant

Impacts on the environment

Do you wish to do more to protect the environment? If you are looking for methods to decrease your carbon footprint, then plants are something you are going to wish to be taking a look at. Carbonization plants are extremely green.

Whenever you invest in something like this, you’ll be getting over a way to earn money. You’ll be also doing an issue that can protect the planet you reside on. This kind of investment will help you to ensure a brighter future for earth.

Have you been checking out potential investments? Should you be, you really should consider making an investment in wood to charcoal machine. This kind of investment could give a major return. Plants such as this have the potential to become extremely profitable. As you have seen, there are a lot of good reasons that showcase why it is important for you to consider investing money in a carbonization plant. Now is the best time for you to jump on a great investment such as this.

Information About The Bamboo Carbonization Process

Bamboo charcoal is derived from pieces of various bamboo plants that have been harvested after a minimum of five years. These pieces are then placed into ovens and burnt at temperatures that range from 800 to 1200 degrees Celsius. The bamboo carbonization process is said to benefit environmental protection in the way of decreasing pollutant residue. It is also described as a functional environmental material that features outstanding absorption properties. There is the bamboo charcoal machine to make bamboo charcoal.


Bamboo charcoal is derived from bamboo in the way of a type of pyrolysis process. The raw material type classifies bamboo charcoal into two categories known as bamboo briquette and raw-bamboo charcoal. The raw charcoal comes from the bamboo charcoal machine such as the roots, branches and culms while the briquettes are made out of the residue from bamboo such as saw powder and bamboo dust. This material is compressed into a specific shape and then carbonizing these sticks. Usually there is 2 equipment processes used for bamboo carbonization process. One is the mechanical process and the other involves using a brick kiln.

bamboo charcoal machine
Bamboo charcoal machine

Other Procedures Involved in Making Bamboo Charcoal

The process of bamboo carbonization is divided up into 4 stages. Or you can visit to find more information.

1st Stage Drying

The temperature in the carbonizing furnace will be under 120 degrees Celsius and the carbonization process is slow. The heat evaporates water inside the bamboo while the chemical composition remains intact.

2nd Stage Pre-carbonization

The temperature now increases up to 260 degrees Celsius and a definite chemical reaction occurs in the bamboo. The chemical compounds that are unstable start to decompose releasing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

charcoal carbonization stove
Bamboo charcoal making machine for sale

3rd Stage Carbonization

The temperature of the charcoal carbonization stove now increases up to 450 degrees Celsius and the material decomposes into gas and liquid products. The liquid part contains high levels of bamboo tar, methanol and acetic acid. While the flammable ethylene and methane gas products increase and the carbon-dioxide production decreases.

4th Stage Refining Stage

The temperature exceeds 450 degrees Celsius and the bamboo turns into charcoal in the way of offering extensive heat and emitting volatile substance and enhancing non-volatile carbon. According to the temperature used in this part of the process, the charcoal is further divided into three categories. These include: low temperature, middle-temperature and the high-temperature charcoal.

The last part of the process involves letting the charcoal cool down and dependent on environmental influences the process can take 5 to 8 days in large volumes. During these processes one can extract medicinal liquid in the water form, vinegar, tar and alcohol along with other products. The products extracted from the activated bamboo charcoal have various uses such as treating stomach aches, heart diseases, influenza, allergies and skin disease onto washing, cooking, cosmetics, gardening, disinfectants, deodorants, bactericides, germicides and insecticides among many others. Please visit Bestongroup.

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