How To Find The Most Efficient 300 Ton Travel Lift

A 300 ton travel lift is quite large. It may not be much more sizable than one that will lift 100 tons, but it is designed to lift a substantial amount of weight. For those that have a sailboat or yacht that is extremely large in size, this might be what you need to carefully move your boat in the water, and back out again. Even if you have used one of these before, you need to be very careful when selecting one for your boat. It needs to fit just perfectly, especially when lifting something this large. A single mistake could be very costly. To find the most efficient 300 ton travel lift that is currently being sold, preferably with high praise from other customers, here is how you can locate this manufacturer fast.

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What Are The Specs On A Travel Lift Of The Size?

A travel lift that is this large will have very unique specs, especially in regard to rated lifting capacity. It will be one of the few that will be able to lift and lower boats that are 300 tons, and it will also have a wheelbase that will reflect its ability to withstand this much weight. The traveling speed should be around 20 m/m, but it might be slower depending upon the motor that is used and how heavy your boat actually is. It might be rated for 300 tons, but if yours is very close to that, the speed on land could drop significantly. The same is true for the lifting speed which averages around 2 m/m. That is not so much of a problem. Since you are only lifting and lowering the boat into water which will take under a minute, a slight drop in speed will be negligible.

How To Make Sure You Are Using A Safe Travel Lift

As mentioned before, if you have a travel lift that is rated for 300 tons, it should also be designed to handle that much weight. Just because the hydraulic motors are able to lift a boat that is that large, it does not mean the straps and cables can withstand the weight of the boat itself. If it is rated as such, and there are reviews that state it is a reliable device, then you should get that one. Just make sure that the straps and cables are designed for your particular vessel so there is no possibility that accidents could occur.

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Low Prices On Travel Lifts Of This Size

A travel lift of this size can be extremely expensive. In fact, the only way to save money is to get one from a country where production levels are very inexpensive. You may discover that you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on some of them, depending upon their size, and you will soon have the ability to find one at a discount. If you have not been able to locate a business that is selling one affordably, keep looking until you do. Low prices on travel lifts are always available, especially from countries that produce them for the lowest amount.

After evaluating the different businesses that produce these travel lifts that can lift 300 tons or more, you will find an affordable solution. Always remember to verify that they have the proper cables and straps for your particular vessel. This is something you will confirm with them by email or over the phone. After you have gathered this information, you will be ready to make the right choice, helping you to get your vessel in and out of the water using this well-designed vehicle designed for boats and ships.

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